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18 Oct 2012

Just a heads up. Very rarely I used to post here about technical stuff concerning WordPress and more. From now there is a new address for that, as not to miss my ramblings in English. So I close the outdated /dev/ section here. Visit !

Virtonomics – The long way up

27 Dec 2011

I’m playing Virtonomics, an online business game. Here I’ll report every now and then on my proceedings

In my previous post I had some growing pains.

Stable money stream

After nearly going bankrupt, described in my previous posting I worked hard to get a stable situation going on. I might not always be around to micromanage every aspect ( some traveling needs to be done sometimes ) so with my warehouses and factories I wanted to get to a point where they would almost run automatically, me only needed every few other turns to fix the supply stream on one or two points. This can by now be considered almost done

How to fix Aircrack-ng -1 negative channel problem with Ubuntu

2 Dec 2011

If you have no clue if the title is about my latest ventures into the Argentinian food market or something digitally enhanced, this article is not for you.

Virtonomics – Growing pains

16 Nov 2011

I’m playing Virtonomics, an online business game. Here I’ll report every now and then on my proceedings

In my previous post I went to expand into Norway.


With the steep profits I’m making in Norway I’m able to invest in two big warehouses in Lithuania together with a few laboraties to invent my technologies. I’ve guessed right that with time passing more players would go into Norway setting something off that looks like a price war. And thus happened. Margins are still high and stable, but not what they were before.

Virtonomics – Norway frenzy

21 Oct 2011

I’m playing Virtonomics, an online business game. Here I’ll report every now and then on my proceedings

In my previous post I explained why I restarted. Read how I build a base for Turkey and stormed a new emerging market with 2000% margins – Norway

After my first company burned in inefficiency hell I decided to take things more slowly. Not hiring hundreds of employees at once and over-investing but building slowly to my clothing and retail kingdom.

I focused for a bit on the Turkey market opening in total 3 stores in the market of clothing and groceries. Slowly growing I bounce around profit and loss every turn, because every increase in purchasing causes a small loss the day next ( buying more than selling ) and after that a higher turnover – and profit.

Slow but steady rise in value

A week lingering around Turkey, the bosses of Virtonomics decide to add a whole new country to the game, creating a new fishing industry. Exciting! I decided to enter the country before it becomes swamped with other competitors and this turns out to be a golden move. The turkey market is alright with profit margins around the 30% but the prices are sharp and besides I have a supply problem since suppliers with good quality and prices keep running out of stock, don’t deliver or cancel the contracts.

Profiteering like a proud Ferengi

On the other hand in Norway a good shirt costs more than gold, because not a lot of competitors entered the market yet. For instance in Ankara I have about 100 other stores selling shirts, which would go for anything between $200 and $400. In Norway I’m one of 3-4 selling the same shirt for more than $2000 with no big difference in the supply prices.

The Norway market is more cut-throat in the sense of quality. While the prices stay high though it’s a sound investment cashing out on more expensive quality stuff.

In other news, the company is expanding to Baltic Lithuania for research options, my current lab is still busy doing secret stuff and I’m slowly expanding factory output. Lot’s of investments to go, but the sky looks bright for future business.

Signed from the boardroom,

CEO of Calaeyosis business prospects ltd

Websites for slow connections and small screens

21 Oct 2011

As many people notice on a daily basis, the speed of the internet and the capacity of computers to put fancy videos and images on the screen has exploded the last decade. But at the same time with the introduction of smart phones, netbooks and public wifi a lot of people are using limited devices to surf overcrowded bandwith space in the hope of finding some information. Or even in developing countries where connection speeds over 1 Mbit are rare or not available.

Lately I have been surfing a lot of those connections with my Asus EEE pc and that’s when you notice how annoying it can be some websites don’t take this group of consumers in thought when they design their websites. Some simple tips to avoid common pitfalls. This will increase the happiness visitors feel when visiting your site and might just make it more preferable than one of your competitors.

Virtonomics – A brand new company

6 Oct 2011

I’m playing Virtonomics, an online business game. Here I’ll report every now and then on my proceedings

After a bold start described in my previous post it soon went down the drain. It looks like you need some skills to hire more than 500 people at once

Some blogs of follow travelers

25 Sep 2011

Just a quick and dirty post today, don’t have much gusto or time to write lenghty stories of post a shitload about San Pedro (and me still finding no couch in Salts, grmbl)

Anyhow a few blogs to follow when you are bored or want to see more of the world.

Hendrik is momentarily in Thailand, walking. He was my host in Goslar, Germany.

Then Jade’s site about all lot and nothing.

And last for now Traveltrousers is the site of a pretty cool photographer I met in Iquique and he makes to my opinion fantastic photo’s. He’s been traveling for four years and not done yet by the looks of it.

Do you know more blogs? Post them at the comments!

Virtonomics – an online business simulator

20 Sep 2011

People who know me know that I like complicated games which are often set in an economical setting. One of my -still- favorite games is the immensly hard Capitalism.

While browsing around a few days ago I stumbled onto the Russia based game ‘virtonomics’, which basically is Capitalism online where you can produce, sell, research virtual products to build an business empire. Of course while competing against other players from all over.

So of course I had to join in to see what it is all about. If you think games like earlier mentions Capitalism or Civilization has a slight overdose of report screens, wait until you take it online. You can spend ages clicking from report to report, but it makes it the more interesting for the near future.

Because of this and probably what will be my ultimate attempt to never attract girls again to this place, I’ll write on a regular basis ( as long as my internet connectivity lasts I guess ) about my exploits in this game.

(Note: if on basis of this report you’ll like to try play Virtonomics, please use this link to register, yes I will like you more then).


4 Apr 2011

Many plazas, look like they easily could be included in video games. This plaza reminds me of one, but I can’t put my finger on it. Simcity 4, Civcity Rome? What do you think?