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Oranje spaties

30 Apr 2012

Vandaag viert deze Nederlandse toko in La Paz voornamelijk dat men als zwervende Nederlander kennelijk ook niet veilig is voor spatiefouten.

Goedemorgen 170 – Traffic zebra

8 Apr 2012

These zebra’s are helping in La Paz (and other cities) to manage the traffic and protect the pedestrians crossing since Bolivians often ignore any kind of traffic law.

Goedemorgen 169 – left hand of revenue, to point of rest

6 Apr 2012

Goedemorgen 168 – Basura para Chanchos

4 Apr 2012

Valle de la Luna

3 Apr 2012

Valle de la Luna near La Paz is so-so, but your star photographer, dear readers, made something pretty of it.

La Paz (II)

30 Mar 2012

Another visit to La Paz, another post!

Copacabana a la Paz

29 Mar 2012

Easy, relaxing ride just under six hours. Some photos ( as usual! )

(We thought during the ride: What is exactly moving and clunking in the baggage part of the bus. Not too worry though, only some bottles of gas! )

Goedemorgen 167 – Chica neccesita

28 Mar 2012

El Alto

15 Mar 2012

Quick picture of El Alto, close to La Paz

Cosy La Paz

11 Mar 2012