I’m playing Virtonomics, an online business game. Here I’ll report every now and then on my proceedings

After a bold start described in my previous post it soon went down the drain. It looks like you need some skills to hire more than 500 people at once

After an enormous hit on productivity and the cost-price of about everything skyrocketing I notice quickly this is probably not the way to get my virtual riches.

In the game ‘efficiency’ is king. With that dropping everything turns to shit. Efficiency is partly based on your qualifications. See this as ‘levelling’ in RPG-based games. So I overspent my hand since my qualification is next to zero.

Anyway long story short, I decide to file bankruptcy and start again. This time taking it more easy and slowly. Also it’s better to create a vertical integrated company ( production – retail ) than a random hand of companies, factories and then some. The new business started off in
beautiful Turkey.

By playing around with various game mechanics I’m close to break-even now ( about 10 turns, probably not the fastest player ) and ready to expand my shirt-business even further!

Signed from the boardroom,

CEO of Calaeyosis business prospects ltd