Aruba Archive

A whole lot of basszje (and others)

26 Dec 2010

So, The Republic got the complaint that there is not enough basszje on the last series of pictures. While the official guideline is that not a lot basszje is enough basszje, on special request here goes:

Goedemorgen 98 – Hagedis

24 Nov 2010

Aruba to Curacao

23 Nov 2010

After staying for about two and a half weeks with our nearly new grandparents on boat of the trawler in the Aruba nautical club it was time to say goodbye since they were leaving for Brazil ( by plane ). Fortunately we wrote a fairly new couchsurfer coming to Aruba soon after that – by boat – and so we hopped from boat to boat.

Goedemorgen 97 – Iguana

22 Nov 2010

Achterstallig fotowerk ( Aruba )

21 Nov 2010

Yes dear readers I understand you feel neglected. So little for some many days! Well now, here some more pictures from Aruba, with some captions.

Aruba summary : the good, the bad and the ugly

19 Nov 2010

The good

Aruba sports very friendly people. Everybody goes about pretty relaxed although some people work really hard, while others take it more tranquillo. The beaches are beautiful and the water is clear. You can get roti and rolling tabacco. To a junk like me ( on both things! ) that’s pretty nice.

Hitchhiking Aruba

26 Oct 2010

Since the bus system kind off sucks and costs money and we don’t have a rental car anymore we started hitchhiking on the island.

On an island filled with all-inclusive tourists who generally book their hotels, rental cars with their flights and locals who usually own a car hitchhiking is almost completely foreign.

Some Oranjestad

24 Oct 2010

Apart from the boulevard, the overly luxurous Rennaissance project there is more to Oranjestad.

Aruba: Boat finding mission

23 Oct 2010

So how to describe the last days here? It probably boils down to driving around the island seeing the deserted but beautiful areas where the highrise-tourists won’t dream of going. Needless to say we don’t dream of being there.