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El Viejo Minero

13 Mar 2011

I happened to stumble into a bar in Loja which turned out to be my favorite spot of the city. Especially the people. I had a few great nights there. So if you happen to visit Loja, going to this place on Sucre is duly adviced. Y bien para practicar Espanol ^^

Goedemorgen 112 – Partido Socialista

11 Mar 2011

Podocarpus national park

10 Mar 2011

Carnaval in Ecuador

9 Mar 2011

I got invited more or less to come to the Carnaval in Vilcabamba by a nice couchsurfer I met up with in Loja. But let the photo?s speak, it was a hell of a good time! Vilca is by the way known for it?s long living inhabitants, but I guess not during Carnaval.

Goedemorgen 111 – Lama

7 Mar 2011

Goedemorgen 110 – Vogel

6 Mar 2011

Loja Botanical Garden

5 Mar 2011

Loja, Casa Castles and Che

4 Mar 2011

How to summorize the last days? The title explains a bit. Met up with a nice girl from couchsurfing, the castle is built from scratsch by her grandfather. Pretty impressive,no! Also met a Ukrainian guy who did half the world on his motor. In 7 months from Ukraine, via Kazachstan and Korea to Seattle, and then all the way down to Ecuador. And of course there was dancing involved.

Loja, Ecuador!

4 Mar 2011

It?s a city, it`s a town! According to the description, it is a city which always stayed a town. With 120.000 people more or less. But it?s a nice place. Hot during the day, but not as hot as Piura and cold during the night.