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Empty Kyiv

9 May 2020


30 Nov 2017

Goedemorgen 199 – In Case of Wreck

29 Nov 2017

Sing along.

In case of wreck,
pull the ring
extract the weather string

Karel heeft geen zin in de feestdagen

1 Nov 2017

The last leads last forever

17 Apr 2017

Roughly, the last two months.

Hooray for tiles

30 Jan 2017

Style update – Tiles

30 Oct 2016


For the hallway.


For the floors in the bathroom and kitchen


For a wall in the bathroom.

Stage 5 – New windows (and everything)

30 Oct 2016

We’ve got better walls now, new windows(!) and the first blocks of the closet has been stacked.


Goedemorgen 198 – Gazman

14 Oct 2016

This funky statue is posted outside of the Kyivgas building

Stage 4 – Building walls

12 Oct 2016

Since a house needs walls, we needed some as well! Especially in the bathroom, which you can see under ze construction here.