If you have no clue if the title is about my latest ventures into the Argentinian food market or something digitally enhanced, this article is not for you.

I’m using Aircrack-ng on my travels to reap the benefits of lingering wifi connections abound. Airodump-ng is a nifty tool for checking the exact strength of open connections instead of the vague indicator Ubuntu has.

The big problem I’m having the last months somewhere since a new Linux version came out: it’s not working anymore!

This is caused by some kind of bug in most network drivers or aircrack itself. Whatever. Most online solutions include compiling stuff into your kernel.

As a traveler I’m both very dependent on my netbook and I usually don’t have much time or opportunity to figure out complicated linux stuff on bad and slow connections so I want a fail-safe solution. Not something that might kill my netbook/wireless driver and me needed to figure that stuff out in an internet cafe of the sorts.

After a gazillion hour or searching for something that would be easy to do I stumbled onto the solution below. It works for my Ubuntu and maybe I can save some searcher as clueless as me about this problem some time.

sudo apt-get remove –purge aircrack-ng
sudo apt-get install libssl-dev
sudo apt-get install subversion
cd ~
mkdir aircrack-ng
svn co http://trac.aircrack-ng.org/svn/trunk/ aircrack-ng
cd aircrack-ng
sudo make unstable=true install

You just have to add this option : “–ignore-negative-one” at the end of aireplay command