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Goedemorgen 181 – Organic

18 Jul 2012

Rio de Janeiro

29 Jun 2012

Last stop, that town.

Goedemorgen 180: Karl Marx Glossy

14 Jun 2012

In the Netherlands we might not come much further than glossy’s about grumpy historians, in Brasil Mr Marx himself has it’s own magazine


13 Jun 2012

Paraty, in Brasil.

Belo Horizonte

11 Jun 2012

Goedemorgen 178: Fatmans camping

10 Jun 2012

Belo Horizonte : Pampulha

9 Jun 2012


7 Jun 2012

Brasilia, the planned capital of Brasil


5 Jun 2012

A cave, a pool and tasting cacha-stuffy at the local distillery and trying all flavors.

Ciudad del Este & Tres Fronteras

24 May 2012

So what happened to this blog? Just before I was leaving Ciudad del Este my hard disk crashed taking with it a year of photos and other things I was working on. The things I was working on sucked, but the photos I kind off miss. So without the Brasilian side of Iguazu, the wold second largest hydrolectric dam Itaupu, more of Paraguay, Ciudad del Este and Laura eating watermelon ( had to say that ) we continue with the photos I took after that fatefull day.

Ciudad del este & Tres fronteras

Ciudad del Este is known for it’s electronics market and as they say ‘the most corrupt city of South-America’ but what it really is a very big shopping mall. Tres fronteras is the point where the borders of Brasil, Argentina and Paraguay meet and where you can take a lovely small pont to Puerto Iguazu in Argentina.