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Goedemorgen 166 – Jungle map

27 Mar 2012

Finally a decent map of where I was in Loreto / Amazonas, Peru. From Tiwintza in the top to Yurimaguas, fully by boat. See this post (and others)

Goedemorgen 119 – Cock of the Rock

15 Apr 2011

Zamora in short

14 Apr 2011

It’s not too big anyway, just a lovely little town in the Ecuadorian middle of nowhere

Goedemorgen 118 – Majestic

14 Apr 2011

Some criticism on the walls about the hostel I was staying in in Cuenca, or better said about that specific room. I thought it was pretty fine, together with the hostel. But the comments are quite, erm, creative anyway

Podocarpus – Bombuscaro

13 Apr 2011

On my way back I decided to look at the other side of the Podocarpus National Park, near Zamora. A lot of photo’s so check it out!

…. join us ….

Banos II

9 Apr 2011

Some more Banos. The first one is from the piscina El Dorado, with termal baths, the others are from the zoo .


8 Apr 2011

Chimborazo is the world’s highest mountain, at least if you count from the earth’s core and also the nearest point on earth from the sun. I took a mountain bike and went down from 5000 meter. Too bad – of course – the weather was kinda bad. Then again if you really want to see the vulcano, get of your lazy ass.

Isla de la Plata

7 Apr 2011

Plata is silver, isla is Island. It’s near Puerto Lopez and called ‘the poor man’s galapos’.

Goedemorgen 117 – Centro de Ciudad Runtun

6 Apr 2011

And I was pretty close!

Cuenca – Pumapungo

6 Apr 2011

In the series ‘photos still left on the drive’ today Parque Pumapungo, an archeological site in Cuenca