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Loja, Casa Castles and Che

4 Mar 2011

How to summorize the last days? The title explains a bit. Met up with a nice girl from couchsurfing, the castle is built from scratsch by her grandfather. Pretty impressive,no! Also met a Ukrainian guy who did half the world on his motor. In 7 months from Ukraine, via Kazachstan and Korea to Seattle, and then all the way down to Ecuador. And of course there was dancing involved.

Loja, Ecuador!

4 Mar 2011

It?s a city, it`s a town! According to the description, it is a city which always stayed a town. With 120.000 people more or less. But it?s a nice place. Hot during the day, but not as hot as Piura and cold during the night.

Getting across the border Peru / Ecuador

3 Mar 2011

(Note the whole conversation took part in Spanish, a language which I, I of course master. Could you imagine how fluent it all went, boesjakka )

A small act for two. BorderGuard (BS) and Basszje (B)

Setting: Small immigracion office set in the hills between Peru and Ecuador. Some backpackers are filling out the big andean immigration questionnaire. Borderguard looks pretty happy.

BS … So you are entering Peru?
B Eh no, entering Ecuador actually, leaving Peru
BS … Eh yes but where is your tourist card?
B Hum yes, don?t have that one
BS .. And your visa, and no exit stamp from Ecuador…
B I have to explain this one.

How to get Peruvian Soles in Quito?

28 Feb 2011

That was the question a few weeks ago. We were heading to the region of Tiwintza for the big river trip. In Ecuador everything goes easy-pesay with dollars, in Peru it?s neuvo soles. So we thought it would be pretty nice to have some, you know pay for food. We didn?t think there would be much cashmachines around. So you just go to the nearest exchange office, no? No, not in Ecuador.

Tiwintza – Santa Maria de Neiva

26 Feb 2011

While being in Pasto we get a message from Yu that he’s planning to do a rivertrip from Ecuador to Peru which is pretty well of the beaten track. We met Yu (and Stacey who’s also in) in Tolu with the Couchsurfing meeting Colombia a month or so earlier.