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Cajas national park

18 Mar 2011


17 Mar 2011

Today, Cuenca! One of the more beautiful cities in Ecuador as they say, but judge for yourself.

Giron de Chorra

14 Mar 2011

Just outside Cuenca there is Giron de Chorra, a small town with a double cascade just outside. I was there with Adriana, another lovely couchsurfer, exploring the countryside and where the hell the busses leave from.

El Viejo Minero

13 Mar 2011

I happened to stumble into a bar in Loja which turned out to be my favorite spot of the city. Especially the people. I had a few great nights there. So if you happen to visit Loja, going to this place on Sucre is duly adviced. Y bien para practicar Espanol ^^

Goedemorgen 112 – Partido Socialista

11 Mar 2011

Podocarpus national park

10 Mar 2011

Carnaval in Ecuador

9 Mar 2011

I got invited more or less to come to the Carnaval in Vilcabamba by a nice couchsurfer I met up with in Loja. But let the photo?s speak, it was a hell of a good time! Vilca is by the way known for it?s long living inhabitants, but I guess not during Carnaval.

Goedemorgen 111 – Lama

7 Mar 2011

Goedemorgen 110 – Vogel

6 Mar 2011

Loja Botanical Garden

5 Mar 2011