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Goedemorgen 116 – Destroy a habitat?

5 Apr 2011

No, I guess it’s not necessary


4 Apr 2011

Many plazas, look like they easily could be included in video games. This plaza reminds me of one, but I can’t put my finger on it. Simcity 4, Civcity Rome? What do you think?


4 Apr 2011

Bad road in Ecuador

3 Apr 2011

Bien Ecuador, middle of nowhere. I was warned that the road between Portoviejo and Quivedo nog particulary good was. After a few hours of winding road, halfway asphalt and nice views we arrive at above point.

I’m pretty happy about the change because it give me a chance to escape the sweaty old guy sitting next to me muttering in some incoherent Spanish (from Puerto Lopez to Ambato is about 4 or 5 different accents which I can make something of in various modes of succes ).

When I cross the ditch where road construction is going on I reach the other bus and sit myself next to a girl. She immediately begins to look at me and pinches my legs, says ‘que flaco’ ( thin ). And sometimes about smoking being bad for ya ( no kidding ). After a brief introduction (where from-where to, etc) in accent which is not much clearer, she continues to stare at me for a hour or so. Everytime when I look left, she stares quicly outside the window. At some point she jumps out without saying a word and is gone.

I arrive in a hot, humid town with lot’s of air pollution where absolutely nothing is going on. Welcome to Quevedo.

Goedemorgen 115 – More bus

3 Apr 2011

A quick look on some of the inscriptions busses have around these parts. As you can see, they are not bad at all!

Goedemorgenmiddag 114 – Leuke snor meneer

2 Apr 2011

From posters in Quevedo, clear leadership aspirations this guy

Puerto Lopez

2 Apr 2011


29 Mar 2011

Alright, a blog on Montanita. It’s shitty, everybody thinks they’re pretty cool and I don?t know why I’m staying here in the first place. But (BUT!) I met a whole bunch of cool people which make up for the town. And this pictures maybe, if you’re grinding away in some boring office place in Ollanda.

Goedemiddag 113 – Nice bus senor!

20 Mar 2011


19 Mar 2011

The largest city in Ecuador, read all about it on wiki