Zuid-Amerika en Carribean Archive


27 May 2012

Near Buenos Aires, Tigre is a small city with some nature around it. And because of that one of the prime destinations for a sunday afternoon.

Iguazu Waterfalls

26 May 2012

The famous, big ones. One of the most famous spots in South America. Way bigger than the better known Niagara. More water than you wish for. And more waterfalls than you can name file names. wiki

Three animals

25 May 2012

What do a bird, monkey and capivari have in common? They where all in the refugee near Puerto Iguazu and are featured in this post! Sorry, no bad jokes today.

Ciudad del Este & Tres Fronteras

24 May 2012

So what happened to this blog? Just before I was leaving Ciudad del Este my hard disk crashed taking with it a year of photos and other things I was working on. The things I was working on sucked, but the photos I kind off miss. So without the Brasilian side of Iguazu, the wold second largest hydrolectric dam Itaupu, more of Paraguay, Ciudad del Este and Laura eating watermelon ( had to say that ) we continue with the photos I took after that fatefull day.

Ciudad del este & Tres fronteras

Ciudad del Este is known for it’s electronics market and as they say ‘the most corrupt city of South-America’ but what it really is a very big shopping mall. Tres fronteras is the point where the borders of Brasil, Argentina and Paraguay meet and where you can take a lovely small pont to Puerto Iguazu in Argentina.

Goedemorgen 175 – Toespraak

9 May 2012

They needed a capable politican over there, so what can I do?

Muziek: Calle 13

5 May 2012

Famous band from Puerto Rico. Love this song.

Goedemorgen 174 – JesusFM

4 May 2012

Crappy taxi

3 May 2012

Some photos of this Paraguayan highlight, the taxi we took.

Trinidad, Paraguay

1 May 2012

Not the island, not the Trinidad in Bolivia bus the one in Paraguay. Famous for the jesuit ruins that are lying all around the region. Foto’s of Jesus and Trinidad today.

Oranje spaties

30 Apr 2012

Vandaag viert deze Nederlandse toko in La Paz voornamelijk dat men als zwervende Nederlander kennelijk ook niet veilig is voor spatiefouten.