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14 Apr 2012

Encarnacion in the south of Paraguay. Not a lot to do there, but somehow a very relaxing city though. It?s across the city from Posadas, Argentina.

Goedemorgen 173 – Sexo anal

14 Apr 2012

Ybycui national park

13 Apr 2012

With the rest of Asuncion I celebrated a few days of Semana Santa in the national park of Ybycui, Paraguay

Goedemorgen 172 – Guaranies

12 Apr 2012


11 Apr 2012

Goedemorgen 171 – Bus

10 Apr 2012


10 Apr 2012

Tarija in het south of Bolivia is a pretty chilled and nice city which is undeserved not often visited by travelers. Or maybe for the best…

Goedemorgen 170 – Traffic zebra

8 Apr 2012

These zebra’s are helping in La Paz (and other cities) to manage the traffic and protect the pedestrians crossing since Bolivians often ignore any kind of traffic law.

Goedemorgen 169 – left hand of revenue, to point of rest

6 Apr 2012

Goedemorgen 168 – Basura para Chanchos

4 Apr 2012