Zuid-Amerika en Carribean Archive

Hitchhiking Aruba

26 Oct 2010

Since the bus system kind off sucks and costs money and we don’t have a rental car anymore we started hitchhiking on the island.

On an island filled with all-inclusive tourists who generally book their hotels, rental cars with their flights and locals who usually own a car hitchhiking is almost completely foreign.

Aruba: Boat finding mission

23 Oct 2010

So how to describe the last days here? It probably boils down to driving around the island seeing the deserted but beautiful areas where the highrise-tourists won’t dream of going. Needless to say we don’t dream of being there.


18 Oct 2010

Leaving our hosts house in London early in the morning for a train to Victoria en onwards to London Gatwick. Lot’s of fuss getting our tickets to Gatwick thanks to bureaucracy on the part of the trainsytem ( something with debitcards and online ordering ) and getting refund on the Oyster card (failed). So we were a bit spooked since we didn’t have the full credentials needed at the airport for entry on Aruba ( a return-ticket). Fortunately both the check-in as border control were pretty friendly and 11 hours and some later we are chilling in the Aruban sun.

The friendly border guard at the island tells us we need a compulsory address and fills in a complete random hotel (ok). After some haggling we rent a car (yes I drove on Aruba) and decide to find shelter for the night. First some shopping and seeing round the island.

Being low-budget people that means that any hotel ( from 60 dollars and more ) is too much. So relax at a remote village, but it became a bit sketchy. We try to sleep at a hotels carpark ( not my idea ), get sent away by the police, chill out at a lighthouse and hit Eagle beach for a nap. Next day five-o-clock starts with an almost off-road cruise to the east side of the island ( The natural bridge for insiders ) followed by swimming in the sea at the south-side.

We decide to find information about going to other shores at a local Marina. Which erupts in a very nice conversation with a equally nice elderly couple. And so we munched Chinese, a sleeping on a beautiful boat under the Caribbean sky and tomorrow we’ll check Colombian shippers for a ride to where ever

And this happened in just over 24 hours, what the fuck.