So how to describe the last days here? It probably boils down to driving around the island seeing the deserted but beautiful areas where the highrise-tourists won’t dream of going. Needless to say we don’t dream of being there.

The other part consisting of hanging around the several marinas, talking to crew and owners and driving the local marine shop and registration offices crazy with our visits. We enjoy the hospitality of a couple from Atlanta, Georgia anchored at one of those marinas. We help them scrub the boat and other small tasks.

In between we go to the pool of luxerous hotels (nobody cares since the average tourist spends about a week on the island, spending a few thousand dollars (a beer is around 6-16 $ at those places! And nobody is holding back ).

Yesterday was the end of a fishing competition where we went to check out the participants and see where they go. We enjoyed some drinks ( it was there so hey ) and we got taken by local staff to a party of lifesize ‘mens-erger-je-niet’ . So life is good, still we dream of hopping on that one boat which will take us to central-america..