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Goedemorgen 192 – Trade union

9 May 2014

Kyiv botanical garden

7 May 2014

Goedemorgen 191 – Window cat

6 May 2014


4 May 2014



Goedemorgen 190 – Neither tea nor fantasy

1 May 2014


29 Apr 2014

Last weekend we were in Slavytich for a festival on film and urbanism. The location of Slavytich is significant since this town was newly built mostly to shelter the refugees from Prypiat after the Chernobyl disaster. Hence quite a good location for a festival on urbanism considering this town was artificially built from scratch in just two years (’86-88).  Also this weekend is signifcant since it marks the date when the disaster occured ( 26 april 1986 ) . Many people still work at the plant nowadays. Since then it looks like time almost stood still in this small town.


Goedemorgen 189 : Avtovolkzalna

29 Apr 2014


25 Apr 2014

Last weekend we were at Chernihiv. Where? Well, some pictures then!


Goedemorgen 188 : Birds on wire

14 Apr 2014


New haircut

13 Apr 2014

A good excuse to post a photo today, don’t you say?