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Stage 5 – New windows (and everything)

30 Oct 2016

We’ve got better walls now, new windows(!) and the first blocks of the closet has been stacked.


Goedemorgen 198 – Gazman

14 Oct 2016

This funky statue is posted outside of the Kyivgas building

Stage 4 – Building walls

12 Oct 2016

Since a house needs walls, we needed some as well! Especially in the bathroom, which you can see under ze construction here.



Goedemorgen 197 – Mirror Selfie

25 Sep 2016


Stage 3 – More removal ( and new pipes & lines )

24 Sep 2016


When I thought all the destruction was done, they found our floor. It was covered with +/- 7 cm of concrete that needed to go. Poor neighbours. There are also fresh electricity cables not, and CAT 6A.

Goedemorgen 196 – Eekhoorn

6 Sep 2016


Stage 2 – Destruction

4 Sep 2016

The walls just had to go. So did the wires, bathroom, toilet and kitchen .


Lake Synevyr

4 Sep 2016

The highest lake in Ukraine, Lake Synevyr.


Goedemorgen 195 – De apocalypse

3 Aug 2016

The riders come bundled at GOD tv…


East Carpathian Hiking Trail – Volovets to Mizhhir’ya.

2 Aug 2016

A small part of the big Carpathian Route in Zakarpatia. The first part is rather though. Most of the day is going walking uphill. Starting early is a good idea to avoid heat during the day. In season black berries grow about everywhere, making up for tasty breaks with nice views.

A good resting place is near the Shypit waterfalls ( the camping spot is marked on the map ) where there is enough water and forest to make a fireplace for cooking.

This route is easily completed in 3 days ( 2 nights ) at around 44 km.

Unfortunately I forgot to feed my camera with a proper SD-card so no photos here, but it was worthwhile.

Download GPX file