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Goedemorgen 167 – Chica neccesita

28 Mar 2012


26 Mar 2012

Not the famous one in Brasil, but the other well know. At Lago Titicaca, Bolivia. Famous for it’s church where cars are daily being blessed ( not kidding ).

Goedemorgen 165 – Schaapjes

26 Mar 2012

Isla del Sol

25 Mar 2012

A photographic overview of a day of walking. From the north part of the island to the south part of the island and back.

Isla del Sol – Challapampa

24 Mar 2012

The town in the north part of the island. And our first day there.

Isla del Sol – Copacabana to Isla del Sol

23 Mar 2012

I took a horrible amount of photos of this too nice to be true place on the earth. Expect coming days a load of photos of Isla del Sol and Copacabana, both in Bolivia. To get into it, a short selection of the travel from coast to island.

Goedemorgen 164 – Other border ( Peru – Bolivia )

23 Mar 2012

Goedemorgen 162 – Border Peru – Bolivia

18 Mar 2012

Goedemorgen 161 – Nascar Bus

16 Mar 2012

El Alto

15 Mar 2012

Quick picture of El Alto, close to La Paz