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Cosy La Paz

11 Mar 2012

The muddy travels of Beni

9 Mar 2012

By now everybody who tunes into my every now and then know I lost my camera with a whole bunch of top-notch photo’s of the already infamous Trinidad to San Borja trip in Bolivia. So unfortunately for me ( and you, dear reader ) I have to do it with text and stealing pictures from google images ( yes I’m that kind of a criminal ) .

I stole two photos from two albums of a blog called NomadKiwis, they look pretty cool so I hope they don’t mind.


8 Mar 2012

Surprised I didn’t post ‘trini’ before and sad it’s part of the big ‘lost camera – lost photos – collection. ( The lost photos are probably somewhere to see for free around Hotel San Borja in San Borja where the thing miraculously went up in smoke ). Anyway only three photo’s of Beni’s capital. And without all the motocycles.

Samaipata – Amboro national park

23 Feb 2012

Amboro national park, near Samaipata on a one day hike.

Goedemorgen 157 – Evo

22 Feb 2012

Samaipata : El Fuerte

21 Feb 2012

Near the town of Samaipata, where I went in hiding for a few days to escape carnaval in either Santa Cruz or Sucre, is a small town about 3 hours from Santa Cruz and is famous for ecotourism and probably the enormous amount of foreigners who live there.

El Fuerte is an old Inca ruin near the town which was a fort, town and tradepoint in the old empire.


20 Feb 2012

The formal capital of Bolivia! And a pretty beautiful city.

Uyuni – Reserva nacional de fauna Andina Eduardo Avarao (II)

18 Feb 2012

Uyuni – Laguna Verde

17 Feb 2012

Chica's Azucar

16 Feb 2012

Typical Bolivian music. Our guide and driver gave us the run-down of this and many more on the 8 hour drive back. Imagina this music, the landscapes, the bouncing car and a guy blabbering off in Castillano for the whole feeling.