On our last days Miriam decides to try diving again, while I snorkle around and finding myself having about enough lack of air than I generally like to have.

Also Sinterklaas entered town in a parade of motors, nomands, children en zwarte pieten.

And we hitchhike to the westside of the island which takes us fours rides from Marie Pampoen but still is pretty fast with the last ride taking us also for a ride within the national park we were heading to ( which surprises the park ranger – almost nobody hitches on the island ) .

On the way back via Westpunt we meet a german guy who is sightseeing as well, but alone and takes us from Westpunt across the other road on the island via other sights all the way back to our host in Willemstad – more than a hour drive. Again we can practise our german more than our spanish, which we think is pretty funny.

Our hosts in Marie Pampoen are by the way two very cool Belgian – both diving instructors – where we feel very welcome and have a lot of fun cooking and talking. Too bad Kevin is a bit ill and it rains lots, but still very nice to be welcomed here, the CS-community here is not too big.