Naast het skimmen van paspoorten op Schiphol airport ( Elvis leeft! ) en de bekende 8$ creditcardhack is nu iemand op het idee gekomen om te gaan wardriven op zoek naar paspoortkaarten in de VS. Geen probleem dus gezien het feit dat RFID tags ( hier in paspoorten en OV-chip ) simpel uit te lezen zijn.

The $250 proof-of-concept device – which researcher Chris Paget built in his spare time – operates out of his vehicle and contains everything needed to sniff and then clone RFID, or radio frequency identification, tags. During a recent 20-minute drive in downtown San Francisco, it successfully copied the RFID tags of two passport cards without the knowledge of their owners.

[..] The cards also amount to electronic license plates that could be used to conduct clandestine surveillance. Law enforcement officials could scan them at political rallies and then store them in databases. The tags could also be correlated to other signals, such as electronic toll-booth payment systems or RFID-based credit cards, to track the detailed movements of their holders.

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