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La Merced

13 May 2011

( Note: Since La Merced seems to be missing from the LP guides I took on the job of writing a piece about the town in the same style. Ain’t I good? )

La Merced

La Merced, located in the selva central is the bustling capital of the Chachamayo region. Famous for fresh juices which are sold on virtually every corner. The region boosts a coffee area where allegedly the world’s best coffee is produced. In the weekends it’s a popular getaway for the Lima crowd since it’s the closest jungle to the country’s capital

Things to do

La Merced is a rather quiet town. On weekends the regions produce is sold on the market. A great moment to indulge on fresh pineapple, papaya or any of the other tropical fruit juices. There are plenty of agencies to be found on plaza de armas for tours in the whole region.


7 May 2011

In cathcing up week; Junin. It’s about 4300 meters up from sea level pretty near to the self-proclaimed ‘

Cochosomething, La Union, Huanoco

6 May 2011

Two days, twenty hours in the bus from Casma to Tingo Maria. Just a little photo’s

Tingo Maria

6 May 2011

Casma and Sichen

5 May 2011

The lovely small town of Casma with the nearby archeological site Sichen. As well pre-inca with very nice views. At the site I had a hour long discussion with a mototaxi driver in Spanish, that’s how I roll (had to wait on some french (always the french!) tourists.


4 May 2011


3 May 2011

Finally got a stable enough internet connection. So here we go with catching up! A while ago I was in the deserty landscape of Chiclayo / Tucume where old people (before inca times) used to dwell, according to all the sandy buildings


13 Apr 2011

Chiclayo is a noisy, busy and smelly city in Nothern Peru, near / in the desert on a place where you would think nobody would like to found a city. There are three big markets where at the biggest you can find all kinds of random stuff; from fruits to clothing and even weird shaman potion to enhance all kinds of (sex) life.

Goedemorgen 109 – Vlinders

4 Mar 2011

Getting across the border Peru / Ecuador

3 Mar 2011

(Note the whole conversation took part in Spanish, a language which I, I of course master. Could you imagine how fluent it all went, boesjakka )

A small act for two. BorderGuard (BS) and Basszje (B)

Setting: Small immigracion office set in the hills between Peru and Ecuador. Some backpackers are filling out the big andean immigration questionnaire. Borderguard looks pretty happy.

BS … So you are entering Peru?
B Eh no, entering Ecuador actually, leaving Peru
BS … Eh yes but where is your tourist card?
B Hum yes, don?t have that one
BS .. And your visa, and no exit stamp from Ecuador…
B I have to explain this one.