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Teufelsberg(1) – The insides

12 Jul 2010

The Teufelsberg in West-Berlin has an interesting history and probably the coolest abandoned place to visit in the city. Be sure to read to wiki about this place! Photo’s also proudly stolen from Marleen and Sarah.

Hup Holland Hup

12 Jul 2010

It didn’t really help I guess

Thanks to Sarah for the picture!

Oh noes, more couchsurfers!

12 Jul 2010

Lichtenberger Stadium

11 Jul 2010

Yep another empty spot in the area, the old Lichtenberger Stadium.

Goedemorgen 93: Free fruit

1 Jul 2010

A lot of fruit collected by dumpster diving in the area here. Not by me, but my housemate. Just as a sample that modern life is full of wasting useful resources.

Picapost: Random Berlin

30 Jun 2010

Closed Themepark

29 Jun 2010

WM in Deutschland

28 Jun 2010

Even the Republic can’t dodge Germany football in Berlin. The subways are more quiet than in the middle of the night when there is a game going on. Some images from the second goal of Germany in a much too crowded Biergarten in Tiergarten.

Treptower Park

27 Jun 2010

As usual, the Russians know their way around memorials…

Goedemorgen 92: Marja-Liisa's goodbye

26 Jun 2010

Recently we said goodbye to CS-er Marja Liisa from Finland with a dinner and a bunch of funny pictures. This is the best from my camera…