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Roadtrip (5) Back to Salta

13 Oct 2011

On the last day of our roadtrip we head back early in the morning from Tafi del Valle in the Tucuman province back to Salta to bring back our overly dusty car. From Tafi we pick up a hitchhiker ( the second! – we are so good for people ) and drop him in Cafayate.

Roadtrip (3) – Cafayate

11 Oct 2011

Roadtrip (2) – Cachi – Cafayate

8 Oct 2011

Roadtrip in a rental car throughout the province of Salta. Second leg was a 170 km stretch of which 150 km was an unpaved dirt road passing by many pueblos, like Molinos

Roadtrip (1) – Salta – Cachi

7 Oct 2011

Report of an amazing roadtrip with two lovely persons I met on the bus from San Pedro ( Karen and Angie ) . Together we did a few hundred kilometers throughout the countryside of Argentina. From Salta to Cafeyate, to Tafi del Valle and back. Dirt roads ( more than 200 km in total ), getting stuck in the sand, and without gas. From desert to canyons to winecountry. This is Salta Province (partly), enjoy!

Dangerous routes: 5 deaths in two days in Salta. On the first day we rent a car

First leg of the trip was from Salta to Cachi (171KM)


5 Oct 2011