On the last day of our roadtrip we head back early in the morning from Tafi del Valle in the Tucuman province back to Salta to bring back our overly dusty car. From Tafi we pick up a hitchhiker ( the second! – we are so good for people ) and drop him in Cafayate.

From Cafayate the road takes us through beautiful dry hills. The road is good and easy to travel on. We arrive in Salta about 3 hours before the car is due ( they opened on sunday just for us, talk about service ).

Still that amounted to stress in the end. We really wanted to clean the car, but most of the wash places where either closed for sunday or permanently. After a lot of time we find one, who were as good with soap as with compliments to my female companion. I’m wondering how we managed to get a centimeter of dust inside our car in just 4 days.

Karen decided to join me in last minute to Cordoba ( it’s -cough- on the way to Brazil ) so we go to the terminal. Of course all cash machines are not working and we need a lot of money to pay for the car and the bus tickets. Another hour later with the tickets in the pocket and 20 minutes left, we need to get gas. And -yes-, no euro97 to be found in town. The only station has a huge line where we stress into.

With -5 minutes to go (and 45 minutes till the bus leaves) we arrive at the rental company. Who were not so happy about the whole gasoline episode earlier, because they send somebody from Salta to our location (500km) to ask for assistence we didn’t need.

Indeed in Tafi a guy showed up with 10L of gas. Anyway we have to pay a bit extra and have just enough time to jump in a taxi, head for the terminal and jump in the bus. Our end of a remarkable and intensive road trip, which got me apart from the experience, seeing a lot of beautiful scenery also new friends. Enjoy the photo’s.