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Taking a bus in Kyiv

8 Oct 2012

This is one of the things I find amazing and so far I only saw this in Kyiv. If you enter a bus you can just sit somewhere, take some
money and tap the person in front of you. Optionally you say for how many people you pay. The money then travels forward by many hands. The front person throws the fare (often) at a small carpet near the driver, or gives it to the driver. After a while your exact change (if any) comes back. This all takes place without anybody saying anything at all.

Even in a crammed bus ( 21 seats, 45 people may stand ) this happens. And the driver -will- notice if you don’t pay. You must be supernatural to check this and in the same time drive through Kyivian traffic.

Imagine this in a Dutch bus and expecting any change back.

Forest near Kyiv

2 Oct 2012

A nice walk in a forest nearby.

Random introduction to Kyiv

1 Oct 2012

( Yes I will finish and blog the last part of my august trip really soon, you are still getting Romania and Budapest. )


So there I was on Borispyl international Airport. One of the fastest pass-throughs I ever had. Left the plane, went in customs, picked up bag and all in all five minutes later I was meeting Halyna outside.