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Stage 1 – Removing Wallpaper

11 Jul 2016




9 Jul 2016





In the field

27 Aug 2014

Boring life, boring blog ( j/k ) so why not add a photo today.

Interview with your favorite Belgian

15 May 2014

A while ago I was interviewed by students of Kyiv-Mohyla Journalism studies. Which of course I wouldn’t want you, dear reader, to miss – although I hate seeing myself on video. For good measures, the interview after is much more worthwhile so you are not wasting all of your time.


14 May 2014

The estate of our old dictator Janukovich. There are already a zillion photos online, but to remember we were there as well some more. Very advisabel though to go and see this place with your own eyes since it -big-. In fact it’s much bigger than I imagined and I imagined it already to be huge.

Goedemorgen 192 – Trade union

9 May 2014

Kyiv botanical garden

7 May 2014


4 May 2014



Goedemorgen 190 – Neither tea nor fantasy

1 May 2014


29 Apr 2014

Last weekend we were in Slavytich for a festival on film and urbanism. The location of Slavytich is significant since this town was newly built mostly to shelter the refugees from Prypiat after the Chernobyl disaster. Hence quite a good location for a festival on urbanism considering this town was artificially built from scratch in just two years (’86-88).  Also this weekend is signifcant since it marks the date when the disaster occured ( 26 april 1986 ) . Many people still work at the plant nowadays. Since then it looks like time almost stood still in this small town.