Studs Lonigan is an interesting trilogy of books written around the beginning of the thirties by James T Farell. I picked it up recently at a secondhand bookstore in Ecuador.

It deals with the hopelessness of the crisis and the incredible racism occurring everywhere in the world around that time. As the history is often rewritten by the victor so is that part of our collective minds dealing with the Jewish people in the aftermath of the second world war. Still sticks a image of the allies trying to ‘save’ the jews from the holocaust. Studs Lonigan provides on that subject an interesting peak in the minds of the Catholic Irish (white) working class of the 30’s in south Chicago.

One quote;

“Well that’s what we get for letting the Jew international bankers get control of our country. You know what we need? We need a man like Mussolini here in America. A strong man to take things out of the hnds of the Jew international bankers and the gangsters. If we had a man like Mussolini over here for two months, he’d straighten out a lot of people and put them where they belong, behind the bar of against a wall “