I guess most people heard it by now already via Twitter of Facebook, but here goes the official announcement: Yep, I did stop walking to Poland for indefinite time and staying in Berlin for at least a month.

After a 1000 km or so to Dessau I found out that every day I was looking more and more at the distance and less and less about what I would see that day, or who I would meet. If you think more about the destination than the way to it, it has no point to travel – especially not on foot.

A regionalbahn later I find myself in the almost vibrant city of Berlin. By coincidence, or call it a stroke of fate (I don’t care), somebody offered a room for next month. I was not first, but apparently enthusiastic enough to get it!

That’s a singular, but very good start of this week. Which only got better by meeting up with old and new friends in the city. While my feet are getting rest this month, my brain will think about new opportunities and new adventures to be had. In which if you would like to participate you are more than welcome. As a reader or living it first-hand.

To conclude: What are your summer plans this year?