Althans als je in Oklahoma woont. Interessant verhaal van man die onschuldig word vervolgd en iedereen tot aan de politie zit in het complot. Want ongelovigen moeten dood!

An atheist family lives in the panhandle of Oklahoma. The daughter is on her public school?s basketball team. Before a game, she refuses to say a prayer in the locker room. She also did not join the team in the on-court prayer before a game. She gets kicked off the team as a result.

As the atheist, she has rumors about her spread around school. The dad goes to talk to the principal about all this, and the principal strikes him. An altercation ensues and criminal assault charges are brought upon? the dad. The principal says he will drop the (false) charges if the family moves out of the state. (They say no.) The charges are then raised to a felony.

Oh ja en in Iran maakt men zich niet druk