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A bridge around sunset

17 Dec 2011

For today; some relaxing photo’s I took while relaxing, looking at a relaxed sunset in San Marcos Sierras. A pretty relaxed town if I may say so..

Capilla del Monte, San Marcos Sierras and in between

15 Dec 2011

After walking up and down on the cerro Uriturco, the other challenge was to hike the 22 km from Capilla del Monte to San Marcos Sierras. From rainy on one day to a deadly sun the other day. I hiked with an American girl I met in the hostel of Capilla, but we didn’t make it all the way and had to hitchhike the last few kilometers. All in all a great trip trough a great area.

Cerro de Uriturco

13 Dec 2011

The highest peak in the Sierras chicas, near Capilla del Monte; the Cerro de Uriturco.

From Wiki:

Since 1986 the Uritorco has been mentioned in media reports of UFO sightings, extraterrestrial visits, and visions of “parallel dimensions”. The nearby Capilla del Monte and the base of the Uritorco attract many New Age supporters and tourists interested in the alleged mystical/energetic qualities of the mountain and other paranormal phenomena, and a local artisan industry has developed around this topic.

Quibrada de condoritos

29 Nov 2011

Valley of the Condors. I had the luck to go there with a bunch of fun bags, walking until my soles missed another few layers of rubber. And we were ‘blessed’ with all weather types from burning sun ( walking ) to rain (sitting) to cold (sleeping) and everything in between. Finally some pictures here, jesus basszje are you lazy or what?

Goedemorgen 143 – Basura

25 Oct 2011

Goedemorgen 142 – Congreso?

23 Oct 2011

Today is the day of the elections in Argentina.


22 Oct 2011

A few photos of Cordoba, Argentina this time.