– After saying goodbye to Couchsurfers in Medellin I met up with couchsurfers to spend the night and after that I ran into another bunch of couchsurfers I met before – what does that say?

– The local bus here in Zona Cafeteria is called Espresso Cafeteria

– In Monteria sitting at a local tienda one guy could dance to Michael Jackson, probably also the only English music they had there

– Children in Monteria said to us in Spanish that they couldn’t speak ‘gringo’

– Prices here are strange. Bag of chips is 5000 pesos while a pack of cigarettes is about 2000 ( 2500 p = 1 euro ).

– A bottle of local wine is 12000 pesos while this is three times cheaper in NL, regardless of all the importing.

– Electronics are the same or more expensive than Europe, except for hifi speakers I guess

– For 12,50 euro’s you get 30 grams of grade-a natural weed

– A few grams of coke is 10.000 pesos ( no, I’m not about to try, but unfortunately a lot of people on the streets are and I’m getting offered all the time – just a service so you know )

– I still spoke more German in Colombia than Spanish since we keep running into Swiss people ( really they are all here! )

– About half the population can list all big Dutch football clubs.

– In Cartagena the sound production at all times was around or above 100 dB’s on the streets

– I bought a new original (grin) Omega(tm) watch for 5000 pesos

– Epica is very popular amongst the alternatives here

– Christmas is on the 24th at 0:00 when the party starts. On 25th everybody sleeps