Het was al een favoriete site, maar dit verhaal slaat echt weer alles : US blowjobless rate at all-time high

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An elite force of three dozen 24-hour Luftwaffle restaurants were unveiled across Germany Monday, with free waffles for blond-haired, blue-eyed customers, discounts on Cheese SwasSticks, and the incendiary bombardment of Luftwaffle’s largest competitor, the city of London. ?Soon, customers will fall under the sway of my lightning-quick, piping-hot Blintzkreig,? said Hans Kreuzen, Luftwaffle’s founder and oberstmanager-general. ?All will know the sweet, buttery taste of fear and waffles from above.? Luftwaffle restaurants are expected to face ruthless competition in Germany’s already crowded martial-themed eatery business, which is led by such established chains as WehrKnochwurst and Der Marzipanzerkommand.