On a beautiful may day, when the sun was shining and the clouds slowly passing by, Anne was walking on the long road towards her birth town. She looked over it out, because she starts with a new job today. Surprisingly a strange yellow rabbit jumped out of the fields and started talking to her.

The rabbit told her about a very angry man chasing him with his weapons. This were truly weapons of multi destruction he said. Anne didn’t believe the rabbit, because he was a animal who only wants to screw. And she was a perfect target for the rabbit, because of her long golden hairs.

After a few hours of walking she met a man. A very long and toll man known as Hairball. Are you dangerous, she giggled with a wink movement towards the man. He didn’t move a muscle and only replied with : run while you can. But who are you then?, Anne asked.

He told her the story of the spoken bullshit. It’s almost as worse as bad written stories and he told her all about it. When he was finished, Anne was lying on the ground, dead. The amount of bullshit in the story has choken her.

The man sighs and whisper he didn’t want to do it, but he had no choice. He was cursed by the god of bullshit.